Christina_1Most people call me Christina, my friends call me Chrissy, but only my mother calls me Christina Marie.  Some words that have been used to describe me are crazy, obsessed, OCD, super-organized, creative, but most importantly crafty.  I am a simple girl with simple taste…well most of the time.  I love celebrating holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.  My role in the world is to make the people around me feel loved, appreciated, and special through crafting.

I love to craft.  My obsession with crafting starting because I am cheap.  I would see ideas in a store or catalog that was overpriced.  I knew if I did some engineering and wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, I could replicate those ideas.  This process has allowed me to save a lot of money and have a blast in the process.  Over the past few years I have created lots of decorations, gifts, and keepsakes to share with those I love.  Now I have so many ideas that this website will serve as my filing system.  It may take a while to get them out of my head to this site, so be patient.

I must give props where they are due, and the internet is my number 1 resource.  The web has made my crafting life so much easier.  There are so many good ideas out there, but you have to have time to search and find the right ones.  I can Google the strangest combo of words and get ideas in a matter of seconds.  Second tool that I constantly rely on is my camera phone.  No matter where I am I can capture ideas I see and take them home for later.  Lucky for you I will share all my crazy and fun ideas so you can save time and have more fun.


I have been blessed with the opportunity to quit the corporate world and take care of my family and home.  My surplus of time has led to this website.  My husband and I thought up a lot of urls (website names) but they were either taken or feel right: pinkscissors, getcrafty, craftyengineer.  Craftfullymade has a special connection for me that represent my faith in God.  Read more at Why Craftfully Made.

I hope this site will bring smiles to your face and joy to your heart.  Life is too short to not have fun.  No matter what life brings you, find time to get creative.

You can find more about me, my family, and adventures unrelated to crafting at http://www.chrissymitz.com.

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