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Why Craftfully Made

For those of you wondering how I came up with the website name, here is the story.  In all my crafting, I never seem to create anything as beautiful as nature.  We live in an amazing world that is filled with beauty and creativity.  Everywhere you look, God has created something marvelous for us to enjoy.  I am constantly reminded of this verse: Psalms 139:14 – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  The God that created the universe made me and he gave us all lots of gifts.  My gift is crafting and I want to share it with you.  I hope this site inspires you to be creative and notice the beauty that surrounds you each step of the day.

Get Crafting.

If you are new to crafting, you may want to visit the Newbies Page. Thanks for visiting!

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Isn’t it funny that you are never happy with the gifts God has given you?  I always wanted to be artistic…in a traditional way like painting and drawing.  I have tried with no luck, and the end result wasn’t pretty.  Finally I found a creative outlet I was good at, scrapbooking.  I love the process of taking my memories and making them even more fun to look at and share with other people.  I got really ambitious and made my wedding centerpieces and then this crafting monster was born.  I am cheap and hate paying full price for stuff which has driven my desire to craft.  I see lots of great ideas around me and love the challenge of figuring out how to make it cheaper than buying it.  In my search for ideas I was bombarded with ads and mediocre ideas that was unorganized.  So, this is my attempt to help others find good ideas, get inspired, and learn to make treasures to share with the world around you.  If you ever thought that you couldn’t be creative, you have found the right place.I have a page dedicated to new crafters (Newbies).  This page will walk you through the basics and give you courage to take on a project of your own.  Feel free to browse my site and share your ideas.  If you have a project that you need help with, send me the details and I will add it to my projects.

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