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Flower Headbands

Flower Headbands


Artificial Flowers


Acrylic Jewels


Hot glue gun and glue

There are a large variety of headbands available so make sure you try a few out and find a style that is comfortable for your head.  Children’s headbands are also available.  I used both plastic and cloth varieties to show you more than one way to utilize the headband that works best for you.

The Basic Headband

IMG_4843Remove all the flowers from the stems.  Keep the leaves as you might want to add them to your headband for more color and volume.  Disassemble the flower pieces removing the hard plastic backing and center piece.  Lay them out in the order you take them off the stem.

Using hot glue secure the layers of the flower to each other starting with the largest petal and working to the smallest.  Glue a jewel to the center of the flower.

Next it is time to glue the flower onto the headband.  Using a mirror determine where you want your flower to sit on your head.  You can put it wherever you think it looks cute.  You may even want it in the center depending on your hair cut.  If you are using a cloth headband the placement is not as important as you can adjust the flower once it is one your head.

Put a large drop of glue on the back of the flower and press it onto the headband.  Hold it for a few seconds so the glue can cool.  DON’T BURN YOURSELF.  Cut a strip of felt to cover the back of the flower.  Place hot glue on the back of the flower which will also cover part of the headband.  Secure the felt to the glue forming a soft flat surface that will sit against your head.

Style your hair, put the headband on, but most importantly have fun and look cute.


-For the center of the flower you can use sea beads or buttonsIMG_4853

-Spray the flowers with spray paint.  Gold or silver metallic looks pretty and adds more drama.

-Add tulle behind the flower

-Wrap ribbon around the headband.  This trick is handy if you can’t find a specific color headband.

-Using a variety of sizes of flowers add multiple flowers along the side of the headband for a more dramatic effectIMG_4869

-Use snap barrettes instead of a headband

-Use a needle and thread if you don’t want to use hot glue, especially for cloth headbands for babies.

IMG_4879 IMG_4878IMG_4877

If you are new to crafting, you may want to visit the Newbies Page. Thanks for visiting!

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Krispie Kisses

Here is a great idea for kids to make for their friends, teachers, and loved ones for Valentine’s day.


3 tbls butter or margarine

1 package (10 oz., about 40) marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispies


Aluminum Foil


In large saucepan melt butter over low heat.  Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted.  Stir in food coloring and flavoring if desired.  Remove from heat.  Add Rice Krispies. Stir until well coated.  Let cool for 2 minutes.

Spray funnel with Pam.  Spoon mixture into funnel and compact down to form the kiss shape.  Turn funnel upside down releasing the mixture on a cookie sheet.  Let cool for 30 minutes.

Using foil squares, wrap each kiss.  I found that pulling the foil in a diagonal motion looked more realistic compared to a chocolate kiss.  Print out a special message and cut into strips.  Add your special message before sealing the top of the kiss.

Take it to the next level:

-Add food coloring to the melted marshmallows for colored kisses (I used 8 drops of red to get this shade of pink)

-Use Cocoa Krispies for a chocolate flavored treat

-Add flavoring to the melted marshmallows (I used peppermint)

Krispie Kisses Message

For another idea using Rice Krispies Treats check out

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Candy Vase


Large vase

Small vase (needs to fit inside large vase)

Flowers (real or artificial)

Candy (I used conversation hearts and red hots)


This is a cute idea to bring drama into a centerpiece for Valentine’s Day and is simple to do.  Gather all your materials and have them close at hand.

Place the small vase inside the larger one.  Pour 2 inches of candy into the large vase to make sure the smaller vase is secure.  Place your flowers in the small vase and arrange as you desire.  Continue filling the larger vase with candy up to the brim.  If you have difficulty getting the candy into the vase, roll a sheet of paper to use as a funnel.  To add a finishing touch, use any ribbon to tie a bow around the vase.

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Building Your Craft Workshop

Before you begin crafting think through your space and determine where you will craft.  Don’t let a lack of space stop you from starting a project or two.  A card table, kitchen counter, or even the floor will work.  No matter how much space you have, it is important to get organized before you buy any tools or supplies.  Here are a few questions to think about as you get started:

•Where will I store supplies?  This is your first chance to get creative.  If you have one shelf in a linen closet claim the territory with decorative contact paper.  If you have a whole room to work with, divide the space into small work areas.  You can repurpose an old dresser or a desk allowing you to keep organized with multiple drawers.

•How you will stay organized?  Depending on the type of crafts you enjoy, there will always be left over supplies that can be used for your next project.  Don’t be wasteful, be organized.  You will also require some basic tools that will need to be stored.  Use plastic bags, Tupperware, baskets, plastic envelopes, or any other storage containers from around the house to keep supplies in their place.

•What type of crafts will you be doing?  The world of crafting is overwhelming.  There is scrapbooking, knitting, pottery, painting, baking, interior decorating, candles, or even jewelry.  Limit your range of crafts as you start out so you can build your inventory of tools and supplies.  Plan out your projects and build a supply list before you head to the craft list.  You will save time AND money.  Talk with friends to see what crafts they enjoy and exchange craft supplies instead of buying everything new.  It is a big disappointment to invest in a hobby that you are no good at.

Think about a builder’s workshop or a mechanic.  Their job is miserable if they are always looking for tools or they are missing parts.  Crafting is the same.  If you are always looking for glue sticks or ribbon you will get frustrated and give up.  Make a plan and get crafting.

Here is a look into my crafting world.

Key Components:

Closetmaid 9-Cube Organizer with fabric drawers to allow a variety of storage options, magazine files to keep ideas together, and a re-purposed dresser to house all my wrapping supplies.

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Craft Tool Box

­­Just like any other hobby, to be a crafter you have to have the right tools and equipment.  Here are a few basics to have on hand no matter what type of crafts you take on.


Writing and Cutting

Acid Free Markers


Paper cutter

Sharp scissors


Wire cutters

X-Acto knife

Paper punchesIMG_4173

Edging scissors

Ruler and tape measure

Sticky Stuff

Glue gun

Craft glue

Double stick tape

Tape dispenser (scrapping style)


Paper and Paint

Decorative paper


Acrylic paints




Pipe Cleaners (aka chenille stems)

Googly eyes


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