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When To Decorate?

I am getting ready for the next holiday and wanted to share my decorating calendar.  Don’t be one of those people that have Easter decorations colliding with Halloween.  If you stay organized, changing your themes should be fast and simple…unless you add to your collection like I do.

Here is a schedule of when I like to put up my decorations for each holiday.  Some of these holidays I skip over so don’t think I am that crazy to have a storage tote for each of these.

Put Up

Take Down



Feb 1 Feb 28 Valentine’s Day Feb 14
Mar 1 Mar 31 St. Patrick’s Day Mar 17
April 1 May 15 Spring / Easter I suggest removing all bunnies, eggs, and Easter themed items and leave up all spring decorations for May
June 1 Aug 31 Summer
July 1 July 7 4th of July I like to leave up all my summer decorations, and just add Red, White, and Blue decorations for the 4th.
Sept 1 Nov 28 Fall/Thanksgiving *See below for notes on Halloween
Oct 25 Nov 1 Halloween Depending on your decorations, you may need to take down you fall décor and make room for your haunted treasures.
Saturday After Thanksgiving Saturday following New Years Christmas
Jan 3 Feb 1 Winter

Links for more details and holidays: