Gothic Gala Halloween Party

Gothic Gala

Halloween is a great opportunity to throw a theme party for your friends and family.  One idea is a Gothic Gala.  The theme is simple yet can be dramatic.  I kept the decorations to black and white to keep it simple and cheap.  I painted pumpkins black, used black pillar candles embellished with lace and glitter, and pulled out my old lace tablecloths and sheets to add to the ambiance.  If you have guests that are timid to dress up suggest they wear black or leather.  Have fun with your food and try to make it go with the theme like dark chocolate cupcakes or a mossy cheese ball.

I love to use a website like to send out causal invitations for parties.  Here is a suggestion on the wording:

Our home has gone to the dark side causing a fright,

You don’t want to miss this (Family Name) game night.

It’s a gothic theme so bring your leather and spikes,

Or just wear a black t-shirt if that’s what you like.

Response Options:

Trick or Treat? (waiting to respond)

Dead or alive, I’m there. (yes)

Maybe, if I find my spiked collar (maybe)

Boooooo! (no)

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