Styrofoam Spiders

Styrofoam Spiders


Foam eggs

Black pipe cleaners

Red pom poms

Black paint

Red paint

Exacto knife

Hot glue



First, cut the plastic-foam egg in half lengthwise. Form the body of the spider by creating a T shaped groove that is a ¼ inch deep using an exacto knife.   Paint the body of the spider black and let dry.  Then fill in the groove with red paint.

For legs, cut six pieces of pipe cleaners for each beetle. Push one end of each leg into the underside of each beetle’s body and bend outward. Drop a bit of glue on each leg where it joins the body. After the glue has dried, bend the legs.  Cut two short pipe cleaners for antennae. Insert antennae into the front of each head and bend as desired.  Glue two red pom poms above the antennae for eyes.

IMG_2909I grouped a few spiders together and stuck them on the walls and window.  Use various sizes of foam eggs to get different size spiders.

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