Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween is one of our family’s favorite holidays…probably because of the decorating and crafts.  Now that the weather is cooling off and October has arrived it is time to start planning your Halloween décor.  I like to decorate for fall the first 3 weeks of October, but then pull out the Halloween items toward the end of the month.  Once November comes, put the fall decorations back out.  Go to the mall or your local superstore to get ideas and find good deals.  Use a journal to write out your ideas and make a plan for indoors and outside.

Here are some easy ideas:


-Use small pumpkins found at the grocery store to fill vases or urns.

-Stings of fishing line taped above a door jam will give your guests shivers down their spin thinking they just walked through a spider web.

-Use black electrical tape to create spider webs on your windows.  Use double stick tape to add plastic spiders.

-Make styrofoam spiders and place up the walls with double stick tape.

-Find white lace window curtains at a discount store to use as a table cloth or runner.

-If you like to decorate with a theme, choose one or two colors and spray paint pumpkins or artificial flowers to coordinate.

-Visit your local craft store and search for inexpensive decorations that can be painted or embellished (paper mache shapes and figures are great).


-Cutout tombstones from cardboard, spray paint grey, and write funny sayings on the front.  For ideas visit

-Check your local papers for fall festivals or fund raisers to buy your pumpkins.  You can also find a local farm and take your whole family to choose their pumpkins.

-Carve your pumpkins, but not too early or they will rot.  There are hundreds of ideas and templates online so do a little searching to find the one you like best.

-Make Spider Nests

-Strobe lights and fog machines add lots of drama to your front yard.

-Lots and lots of spider web.  For best results have a partner help you stretch out the web so it looks more realistic.  Place on bushes and wrap around trees.

Halloween is a great time to throw a party.  Visit my post about throwing a Gothic Gala.

Here are a few of my favorite links to visit for new ideas for Halloween:

If you are new to crafting, you may want to visit the Newbies Page. Thanks for visiting!

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